Yogic science is one of the ancient streams of knowledge which have been passed on to us for generations. According to Yoga, the human body is made up of five sheaths or bodies. The solid physical body visible to us is called Annamaya Kosha, the vital energy body is the Pranamaya Kosha, the mind-body which carries functions of perception, memory and emotions is the Manomaya kosha, the inner wisdom which guides the manomaya kosha is the intellect body called Vignanamaya kosha, the fifth body is the subtlest of all called the Anandamaya Kosha, the Bliss Body. One who resides in bliss is believed to have mastered all the other sheaths.

The disparity between unrealistic expectations and achievement leads to emotional upsurges in the mind. These emotional upsurges lead to persistent stress causing Psychosomatic ailments. These emotions are Psychological responses to demanding situations either real or imagined. Stress is defined as excessive speed or Vega in the mind. This speed gathers momentum over a period of time clouding the faculties and disturbing the balance of all the five Koshas. Adhi or stress begins in Manomaya Kosha, man gets enslaved to emotions leading to restlessness, depression, lack of drive, irritability, forgetfulness etc. When this goes on for some time unattended, this imbalance percolates into the Pranamaya Kosha causing pranic imbalances, which manifest as irregular breathing patterns, tiredness, disturbed digestion etc. This finally seeps into Annamaya kosha causing hormonal and biochemical imbalances. Adhi in the mind leads to Vyadhi in the body. Thus there is a need to bring balance in the Koshas.

Yogic practices to bring balance in the Koshas:

Annamaya kosha

Joint loosening practices along with Asanas help in shattering tamas (laziness) resulting in freshness in the practitioner.

Pranamaya Kosha:

Breathing exercises and Pranayama practices can alleviate the flow of prana in the Nadis (energy channels). Sectional breathing and Nadi Shuddhi pranayama is the safest of breathing practices producing tremendous results.

Manomaya Kosha

Meditation and chanting can bring about phenomenal results in combating stress. The focusing of the mind by progressive habituation leads to a congenial atmosphere to evoke, recognize, attenuate and dissipate the emotions resulting in a calm state of mind.

Vignanamaya Kosha

Our ancient texts refer to lack of inner jnana (true knowledge) as the cause of misery. Lectures, Discourses, counseling, reading books of great masters can bring about a change in the attitude of the aspirant. One realizes that Happiness lies within each one of us.

Anandamaya Kosha

Healthy interactions with the fellow beings with a sense of love and compassion can be a fuel to kindle the bliss in Anandamaya Kosha. Karma yoga, selfless service can help one to surrender one’s ego and purify the heart.

Elders deserve a healthy and meaningful life. Yogic management highlights a Lifestyle of Moderation. A commitment to life and slight adjustments is all that one needs to lead a fulfilling life free of misery, worry and ill-health.

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