Retirement wasn't working for Mr Gandhi. A deliberate, thoughtful man, he had spent 25 years with a public sector bank rising through the ranks to Vice President. When he retired, he expected to fall easily into a life of leisure - rising late, doing what he wanted when he wanted, and traveling frequently with his wife. Now, three months post-retirement, he finds his days endlessly boring, spent mostly sleeping or watching television. He doesn't like golf/playing games, gardening is too hard, and his wife has her own activities which doesn't include him.

As many retirees discover, leaving one life to begin another is difficult. According to an article published in Times of India one in four of India’s elderly population is depressed.

The truth is, even though most professionals look forward to retirement, the loss of a job can be unexpectedly traumatic. According to psychologists, jobs provide mental health benefits including feelings of contribution and appreciation, problem solving abilities and the satisfaction of learning new things.

The key to a positive retirement is to ensure these benefits don't get lost, but are simply experienced in a different way.

Here is a list of few things that seniors can do to keep themselves engaged post retirement.

  • Bank Mitra for various schemes:

This is a job for retirees where they can work as per their convenience. Elders can generate a fixed income, though not much as compared to what they were earning before retirement, by becoming a Bank Mitra where they work as a representative or agent of the bank and are appointed to provide banking services to citizens under various schemes like Jan Dhan Yojana etc.

  • Online training:

Online training courses are gaining as much importance as class room sessions. Retired individuals can utilize their knowledge and specialized skills through online forums like Simply Learn, Udemy etc.

  • Freelancing opportunities:

There are lots of options available for individuals especially from the IT, Banking or Journalism sector for freelance content writing work from home.

  • Turning your hobby into a source of income:

Turn your hobby into a source of income. For e.g. if you are passionate about photography, then you can sell your photographs online and earn royalty or certain percentage of the commission.

  • Equity trading:

Many elders take an active interest in share markets and actively invest and trade in the markets to create an alternative source of income and optimize the return on their savings.

“As they say if the plan doesn’t work change the plan but not the goal. The goal here is to be happy.”

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