If you are considering Elder happiness, you’re bound to have some questions. We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions we hear when seniors need caregiver.

physiotherapy for elders

Does KITES have local centre?

KITES delivered health care services at your home. Our physiotherapists, attendants, nurses and doctors visit you at your doorstep for limited area in bangalore.

How do I rely on KITES?

KITES has served to more than 10,000+ customers across Bangalore and have experienced clinicians. We are also the home care partner for leading hospitals.

How do I reach out to KITES when there is a service related issue/query?

For any service support, you can reach out to us at hello@kiteshealth.com or Call +91 99800 67000.

How quickly can home care services be provided/started?

Generally services can be provided within a 48-hour period and often the same day.

Is there any additional cost to me?

No. Every agreement is clear and transparent; there are no hidden fees.

Is physiotherapy same as massage?

No. Physiotherapy follows a scientific approach towards solving problems. While the treatment might involve a few massage-like techniques, these are absolutely anatomically inclined.

How much will each physiotherapy session cost?

The cost per session varies depending on the patient’s need and treatment plan.

Do you have a local center for physiotherapy treatment?

No. Our experts come to your home and treat you at your convenience.

What will be the duration for each session?

The duration per session ideally varies from 1-2 hours depending on the patient’s need and convenience.

What are the things that a KITES Caregiver would do?

KITES Caregiver can assist you with post-surgical care, tracheostomy, urine catheterization, suture removal, wound care, injections, and oxygen administration, IV infusion and more.

How often KITES Caregiver will visit me?

The frequency of KITES Caregiver visits varies depending on the patient’s needs and treatment plan.

Can I avail 12-hr or 24-hr KITES Caregiver service?

Yes, we offer 12-hr and 24-hr nursing service at home for patients in need.

What are packages?

Care+ packages are customized bundle of offerings for different needs like ElderShield, ActivePlus,ElderYoga, ElderWellness

What are the offerings within a package?

Through our packages, you can avail nursing attendant service, nurse visits, doctor visits, physiotherapy and more. We also give customized plans for those with a need.