Older adults are more likely to fear losing their physical abilities than their mental abilities. But for most elders, mental decline is inevitable. Cognition is a combination of processes, including paying attention, learning and reacting to objects in the environment, and using language and memory. Aging is usually related to decline and losses of various kinds of cognitive abilities. If cognition becomes impaired, an individual may have difficulty performing everyday tasks.

Cognitive training is based on the idea that the brain, even in old age, can change for the better. What we know about the brain suggests that it resembles muscles: In the same way that physical training improves physical abilities, cognitive training (or brain training) improves cognitive (or mental) abilities. Cognitive training can also enhance well-being and life satisfaction in elderly.

Elder groups should be provided with opportunities to expand their social networks by increasing meaningful social interactions. Older adults who are most socially engaged have a reduced likelihood of developing memory problems, whereas the least integrated decline much more rapidly as per studies.

Few activities which can keep your mind active:

  • Engaging in meaningful conversation
  • Learning a new hobby or taking up a craft work
  • Playing games and solving puzzles
  • Reading
  • Gardening, etc.

At KITES we provide the elderly with opportunities to improve their cognitive abilities. If your parent or elderly known to you need help in cognitive activities or have issues in coping up with decline in cognitive abilities , please share your experience & suggestions as well!!

Administering Physiotherapy treatment can help them in their mobility as well as cognitive function improvement. At KITES we undertake a detailed physiotherapy assessment of the elderly impacted by Dementia and provide them with appropriate rehab program.

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