Geriatric Physiotherapy/Rehab

Geriatric Physiotherapy/Rehab

Geriatric physical therapy or Geriatric rehabilitation is the branch of medicine that deals with physical issues in the elderly & their management.

With increased age, patients often face many physical and emotional changes that can affect the level of function and their well-being. Rehabilitation of geriatric patients is imperative for the patients' well-being and for society.

Objective of Geriatric Physical Therapy is to help maintain functional independence in the elderly & returning a patient to the pre-injury quality of life. Geriatric Physical therapist develop deeper knowledge of conditions, ailments & diseases of the elderly

Management of Ortho conditions

  • Pre & post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Joint Pain (Arthritis)
  • Fracture and soft tissue injury
  • Osteoporosis (Weakening of bones)

Management of Neuro conditions

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s (Tremor, rigid muscles, problems with balance or walking)
  • Alzheimer’s (Problems with memory & thinking)
  • Nerve impingement
  • Vertigo [loss of balance, Giddiness/Loss of equilibrium]
  • Sensory disturbances

Other conditions

  • Cardiac & Pulmonary conditions,
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Posture corrections
  • Tension headache

KITES geriatric physical therapists specialize in providing therapy for such conditions in older adults & deliver the same with caring attitude both at home & the neighborhood clinic.

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