Post-Surgery care Package

Is your loved one undergoing a surgery (ortho, neuro, cardio, general, etc)?. Are you worried about their post-surgery care at home?

The weeks following a surgery can be difficult at home. Especially when the children are working executives & the spouse of the elder (who underwent the surgery) is too old to attend to the elderly on a continuous basis. You will need a trained personnel to attend to the elderly on a continuous basis and a team of professionals to help in early rehabilitation & recovery.

Understanding these needs, KITES has introduced the Post-Surgery Care Package. KITES Post Surgery Care Package is a flexible & affordable monthly package designed to help the elderly & their family post-surgery of the elderly.

This is a monthly package which includes:

  • a full-time trained attendant
  • set of Physiotherapy sessions &
  • Physician visit.

The full-time trained the assistant, under the supervision of our physician & care manager, will commence care from the hospital & will continue the care and support at home until the elderly is able to resume his/her normal activities. In addition there are host of other benefits that you get which includes;

  • Dedicated care manager
  • Coordinating with the primary physician at the hospital
  • Emergency support &
  • Medicines & lab services at a discount

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