Parkinson’s Disease Care Package

Parkinson’s disease does not just affect the person living with it – it affects the entire family and an extended community of friends and loved ones.

If you are the spouse, child or loved one to a person with Parkinson’s, you are familiar with the challenges that come with living with the disease.While you may have an experienced neuro physician or any other Super-specialists who is treating the elderly, you constantly search for ongoing support in providing continuous care for your loved one and a trusted/knowledgeable healthcare partner.

Research has shown that those who take an active role in their care see an improvement in their Parkinson’s symptoms. People with Parkinson’s are best served by a multi-disciplinary approach that provides not only the expertise of a Parkison’s Disease specialist, but also the help of a physical therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, nutritionist and social worker. Some people also require medical consultants in areas such as psychiatry and neurosurgery.

Recognising these needs, KITES has designed the Elder Parkinson’s Disease Care Package. The objective of this package is to provide care continuum to your loved ones and be a trusted partner of the family. Please see the table for package details. For those who require a variation to the services, we are happy to put together tailored Parkinson’s Disease care package as well.

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