Dementia Care Package

The needs of the family of the elder who has been diagnosed with dementia are varied and can get complicated with comorbidities (presence of one or more additional diseases or disorders).

While you may have an experienced neuro physician or any other Super-specialists who is treating the elderly, you constantly search for ongoing support in providing continuous care for your loved one and a trusted/knowledgeable healthcare partner.

Some of the frequent questions that get asked by the family of the elder diagnosed with Dementia are:

  • Can I get a trained empathetic staff to be with my loved one to take care of him/her which can provide respite to the family as well
  • Can I get a family physician to visit periodically to keep a check on the elder’s health & coordinate with the primary neuro-physician of the elderly
  • Will I get help during emergency or reference to a specialist of repute
  • Can somebody help with meaningful engagement with the elderly including cognitive activities to help maintain and delay further deterioration
  • Is it possible to be part of a support group where I can learn from others experiences
  • Most importantly, can I find a healthcare service provider who can be our continuous partner

KITES has designed the Elder Dementia Care Package keeping all these in mind. The objective of this package is to provide care continuum to your loved ones impacted by Dementia and be a trusted partner of the family. Please see the table for package details. For those who require a variation to the services, we are happy to put together tailored Dementia care package as well.

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